Wedding Photography Retouching

Removing or adding people into a shot
Your photographer will usually have discussed with you, in advance, the list of family and individual group arrangements that you would like in each shot. Occasionally some can be missed, and you’ve realised after the event. There is no need to worry because you can send them to us at Digital Touch to edit, adding family or friends into or out of your wedding images.

So many factors affect the composition of an image such as lighting and angles. If you were to record yourself on a short video clip, pause it and adjust the slider you will see how in each frame you will look slimmer than in others, looking more as you see yourself than in others. This is the same with photos, it’s all down to timing, angles, lighting which influence the results.
If you are feeling disappointed with your images, because you feel that they do not represent you very well, you can send them to us to be retouched. We can slim arms, waist etc. We can also adjust your posture as the bride and groom can often be weary or self-conscious that they are not holding or carrying themselves in a flattering manner, this all can be rectified.

Skin smoothing, teeth whitening, eye enhancements, tidy flyaway hair
If on your wedding day your make-up did not hold up well, as often happens in the busyness of the day, again you can send those to be retouched. We can remove blemishes, smooth skin, whiten teeth, enhance eyes and tidy flyaway hair. We can literally do any type of beauty retouching and touch-ups to your image. If you can imagine it, then it can be done.

Removing creases, straighten dress
A common editing request we get into Digital Touch is being asked to remove the creases from wedding dresses as they crumple easy and are not always displayed well for the photographs. We equally have retouching requests from the grooms too, which include fastening buttons, straightening creases on suits and tuxedos, correcting the position of the corsage or boutonnière.

Removing objects
So as you can see almost anything can be done to correct and present your images better, including removing background objects, adding the bouquet, changing the background, adjusting the tones, adjusting peoples height, the list is endless, so feel confident to contact us at Digital Touch to get a quote knowing that your image will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

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before after


Removing or adding people to wedding images is one of our typical and most frequest request. Sometimes in wedding photographs we would like to isolate family groups by adding or removing members. An example is the page header image where the brides mother has been removed, leaving the bride with the grooms side of the family.

In the busyness of the day the photographer may miss removing unwanted background objects which spoil the overall presentation of the photograph, these too can be emailed to us for correction.





Wedding day weather manipulation we can enhance the brightness levels of your photographs, change the colour of sky, remove bright sunlight and more.

before after

This example image has been beautifully captured on a wonderful spring day and is only missing sunshine. It visually leaves you feeling cold but after being corrected by colour balance adjustments, skin tones made warmer and a summer haze added around the edge of the image leaves a much better finish.

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