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Restore your old photos with our photo restoration and enhancement service...

You may have come to Digital Touch looking to preserve an important part of your family history 
through images, you have come to the right place.

Our modern digital image restoration techniques have an amazing effect on old photographs, not only can they be restored to their former condition; they can also be hugely improved during the process.


* if on tablet/mobile - please touch ether side of the photo to view before and after effect.

If you would like the restoration of your original photograph, then it is necessary that you first email a copy or post the original so that our qualified professionals can assess your requirements. With techniques, experience and a very delicate touch any restoration work can be done for your photograph. Our restorers can repair scratches and tears, remove flaws, sharpening, adjusting brightness and contrast, enhancing colour balance, stains and blemishes and even rebuild missing parts of the image using our very sophisticated software and highly trained technician who will improve the overall composition.

* if on tablet/mobile - please touch ether side of the photo to view before and after effect.

EMAIL - If you intend to email your image for Digital Restoration this is by far the most cost effective way of restoring old images.

POST - Alternatively you are welcome to post your image, our Digital Artists will make a copy of your old photograph and then will only be working on the copy. (please send recorded delivery, your image will be returned recorded delivery as soon as it has been scanned).

Thank you for your custom - for your future reference keep your old original photographs stored carefully away in a plastic sleeve and away from sunlight, preserving them for much longer leaving you to confidently display your new digitally restored copy. Keep duplicate prints safely away in the cupboard where you would normally keep them, ensuring they are clean, dry and away from daylight. Look after your old photographs well and your children will not have to worry about old photo restoration when they inherit these precious pictures.

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