Top 10 Celebrity Photo Editing Fails

There isn’t a single day that goes by without one or another household name celebrity hitting the headlines after a photo-editing fail has been leaked somewhere online. After which the relentless ridicule/public shaming begins in earnest. Followed closely by the hastily press-released statement refuting all allegations of image manipulation, said celeb disappearing from the public eye (for at least, 2, maybe even 3 days) and then readers moving on to the next/latest expose once their Warhol-esque 15 minutes of fame has (temporarily) expired.

Yes, there’s not many places to hide when you choose to live your life in the glare of pap’s camera lenses, especially in the direct aftermath of a photo editing blunder of an epic scale. However this makes for a level of peerless entertainment way beyond the way in which the accidental perpetuator normally keeps us amused, let’s be honest. While there may be shades of Victorian freak show about revelling in the abject misery of another’s pictorial low point, there’s no denying the resultant Photoshopped cock ups are seriously LOL-worthy. And pretty much the sort of images you just couldn’t make up.

All in all it begs the question as to, ‘just WHAT were they thinking?’ when they gave final approval to such photos (had they handed over responsibility of their social media profile to a third party). Or alternatively having simply pressed the upload button on whatever platform they were utilising for their narcissistic pleasure shortly after they created their ‘masterpiece’.

Kardashians Provide Constant Source of Photo-edited Amusement

Admittedly we’re all guilty of unleashing some seriously frightening selfies which should never have seen the cold light of day at one point or another (often post-alcohol consumption), yet those who court the public eye on a more routine/professional basis have a lot more to lose in terms of broader appeal street cred than you or us. And therefore should have been a little more vigilant and/or self-aware while toying with various filters.

Photoshop may have been around since the late 1980s (and soon after, successfully enhancing - please read; manipulating - the appearances of the rich and famous), however it’s only really in the last few years that the world and their wife have had instant access to paint-by-numbers easy photo-editing tools, built in to their smartphones. And thus signalling the start of a digital revolution/narcissist’s charter. Where once it was the preserve of the glossy publishing industry (usurped by the advent of the internet) to collaborate with celebs to intricately present images that would shape a reader/viewer’s consciousness, here in 2019 anyone and everyone can tweak their appearance to within an inch of Instagram glory; and at the swipe of a semi-skilled finger.

Anyway, below we take a quick ganders at some of the very best (or worst, depending on the way you look at these photo-editing slip-ups) that have done the virtual rounds in recent times; so as to compile our very own Top 10 of Celebrity Photo Editing Fails. And remember, don’t mock the afflicted. Actually, mock away; they’re hilarious…
Khloe Kardashian's hundreds of fingers – You can always count on one of the many thousands of Kardashians who routinely pop off a production line somewhere in Celebrityville to make an absolute fool of themselves when left unsupervised with a smartphone. And right on cue Khloe flaunted her, well, 14 fingers at a recent star-studded event. Having said that, she has history in the arena of multiplying fingers, having once accidentally giving herself two thumbs.

Kim Kardashian’s trouble with door frames – Other high profile members of the Kardashian clan are less bothered about upping their fingers and thumbs tally, and instead struggle in the vicinity of the notoriously difficult area of door frames. Which kinda explains the curved door gaps towards the bottom of one infamous Instagram post uploaded by Kanye West’s wife, Kim. When in 2017 she posed in front of a bathroom door wearing a Calvin Klein bikini as part of a photoshoot she did with her sisters; eagle-eyed observers couldn’t help but note the slightly crooked door frame; which implied the use of a photo-manipulation tool (arguably) implemented so as to narrow the subject matter’s waist and hips and thin their legs. Tell-tale graphic signs to those in the photo-editing industry.

Kylie Jenner’s XXL bootie – Not averse to the well-practiced art of self-publicising, US reality TV star, Kylie Jenner has clearly let that old adage about less being more falls on deaf ears when it comes to Kardashian/Jenner posteriors, as they all tend to subscribe to the notion that more is decidedly more. But then when does ‘more’ become freakishly super-sized. OK, we’ll tell you when. Precisely the moment that Kylie Jenner takes a selfie (or should that be, belfie?!) of herself, posing in front of a collection of shoeboxes. As you do. And where, ultimately, her denim-clad derriere looks faintly ridiculous.

Rihanna’s blue thumb(s) – Rihanna has many natural gifts, not least her voice. However the chart-topping songstress also appears to have been blessed with another gift from the Gods in the shape and form of a second thumb. This 2-for-1 fingernail offer was clocked while Ri-Ri performed in her native Barbados recently, and the subsequent confusion was later cleared up when it was confirmed that the ‘second’ blue nail was apparently some form of string emerging from an elaborate hand decoration.
Ariana Grande’s massive hand – Another female vocalist whose natural gifts lead many of us to put our hands together to celebrate her impressive back catalogue, is Ariana Grande. But we doubt for a second that many of our mitts are quite as square mile-encompassing as (the aptly-named) Grande’s Frankenhand seen here. Which once again might smack of Photoshop fail, yet at the same time Grande’s extra-terrestrial right hand is all kinds of ROFL.

Gordon Ramsay’s suspiciously smooth skin – For someone with a vocabulary so vivid and colourful, you might expect celebrity chef, Ramsay’s brittle exterior to be essentially, just that. A bit rough and perhaps even leathery on the surface. But you’d be wrong, as the ‘friend of the stars (and Photoshop)’, Ramsay’s skin is puzzlingly taut, youthful and fresh-looking as you can see. And also more than a little Madame Tussauds. This waxen snap triggered numerous photo-editing alarms, as you might imagine
Kim Kardashian's disappearing arm – Just when you thought we might have seen the back of a Kardashian, another rocks up. Albeit Kim again, in another misjudged/horrifically photo-shopped pose. This time our attention being drawn to Kim’s AWOL right arm. Whci evidently got as fed up with her constant selfies as we did and snuck off while nobody was watching.

John Mayer's FaceTune overload – Speaking of arms, and no stranger to being spotted on the ones belonging to some of Hollywood’s leading ladies/pop stars over the years, it’s now easy to see why singer/songwriter Mayer hits the right notes with his raft of admirers. Or rather, the right filters on his FaceTune profile, as he opts for the full boyband airbrushed finish here.

Britney Spears' disappearing back – Staging her own impressive comeback in recent times, Britters’ own back seems to not have received the same memo as the rest of her body in this poolside pic. As is often the case with photo-editing, backdrops tend to look a tad askew, leaving other aspects of the photo to look distorted. Or the ‘artist’ might overlook the fact that the tiled edge of the pool has mysteriously finished, just beneath her ‘naturally-occurring’ spine.

Beyoncé’s Not-So-Matching Reflection – Rule one of photo-editing your own reflection shots. Ensure that your actual reflection belongs to you at that precise time/you hold the copyrights to. Otherwise you’ll end up doing a Beyonce. Just a tip from us professional photo-editors.

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