Product Image Editing for Businesses


We provide business image editing services to any size company for online or brochure purposes.

One of the biggest errors of online businesses is failing to provide their customers with high quality, viewable sized images of the product they are hoping to sell. Often their website have the option to click through to a larger high resolution version but is often the same size.. Customers are reluctant to follow through with an online purchase that they can't see the detail of or optional views and will swiftly move on and purchase elsewhere.

...this is a problem that can be easily rectified.

Online images present best when all distracting background are removed leaving just the product, which can then be clicked through to the larger version. As with the example images below we are able 
to remove the background from your product image along with any other distractions which take the online shoppers viewing away from the product they are interested in purchasing.

remove background
we can remove the background from your image while still retaining the shadow so that the image does not look as though it is floating.


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original image background removed footwear removed

As the customer is not able to physically handle the product, they should be able to view an image showing the details of the product they would like to purchase.

We can also remove distracting backgrounds from images, adding to a better customer experience when considering making their online purchase.

Other services we offer include colour correction, sharpening, cutting out unwanted objects and setting your image to the size needed for thumbnail and zoomed-in examples.

Image masking. As with the example below using masking can help protect part of an image as here with the necklace while altering the hue and saturation of the the remainder of the image adjusting the tones of the background.

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original image changing background colour using masking


It is always best to photograph your images as you intend them to be used, with enough surrounding space to be editing, at the correct angle and with the optimum lighting, however there is always the option to have your image editing afterwards, the possibilities are limitless.

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