Wedding Photography Retouching

Enhance your precious wedding day photographs with our quality photo retouching service.

Beauty / Glamour Retouching
We can perform any type of beauty retouching for your wedding images, examples of usual request are - removing or toning down wrinkles and dark circles, whiten and enhance eyes, remove flyaway hair, whiten or straighten teeth, slimming of arms, chin, or waist. The posibilities are vast and anything can be done, so feel free to contact us to get a better idea of what we can do for you.

before after


Removing or adding people to wedding images is one of our typical and most frequest request. Sometimes in wedding photographs we would like to isolate family groups by adding or removing members. An example is the page header image where the brides mother has been removed, leaving the bride with the grooms side of the family.

In the busyness of the day the photographer may miss removing unwanted background objects which spoil the overall presentation of the photograph, these too can be emailed to us for correction.





Wedding day weather manipulation we can enhance the brightness levels of your photographs, change the colour of sky, remove bright sunlight and more.

before after

This example image has been beautifully captured on a wonderful spring day and is only missing sunshine. It visually leaves you feeling cold but after being corrected by colour balance adjustments, skin tones made warmer and a summer haze added around the edge of the image leaves a much better finish.

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