Wedding Photography Retouching

Enhance your precious wedding day photographs with our high quality photo retouching service.

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Beauty / Glamour Retouching
We can remove blemishes, wrinkles, bags dark circles or bags under eyes, spots, moles, birthmarks, tattoos, reduce lines, whiten and straighten teeth, tidy hair, skin toning, enhance your eyes, removal of red eyes, straighten or reduce nose and ears, smooth your skin and more...

before after

Example note : I hardly remember a great deal of my wedding day because I had hardly slept for the three days leading up to it. I had a four month old baby at the time and the results left me looking very tired and being a mum to a young baby I was understandably not in the best shape either. As we all know, often what we see on photographs especially images captured by the professionals show all the details. This is not what we see in the mirror on our best days. The beautiful bride in this image had also lacked sleep and unfortunately it comes across in this image. Thankfully this can be corrected digitally.

Removal or Addition of Guests

You can have people removed from the background or foreground of your photos, if there are guests you would like adding to your photo? this can be done too.


Example note : sometimes in our wedding photographs we would like to isolate family groups by adding or removing family members. In this image the brides mother has been removed for this shot, leaving wife and husband's side of the family.

Background Removal
Unwanted objects or shadows in the background of your wedding day photos can be removed and you image can be reframed with artwork or onto another background.

kissing bride

Example note : you can have your background removed if you are not happy with it or parts of the background or people in the background removed. There are so many possibilities if you are dissatisfied with any part of your wedding images..send them to me for a quote. All distractions have been removed from this image, focusing now just on the couple. Hair has been added to the grooms head and for the bride overhanging skin has been removed creating a better presented image. This fun example is a great idea to use on your thank you cards for the guests

Body Shaping / Slimming
We can reduce any area of your body with natural looking photo manipulation, for example arms, legs, waist, face, chin, etc.

wedding photo

Example note : unfortunately ladies do insist on wearing our killer heels especially on our wedding day. In this example the lovely family image of bride and groom, mum and dad, simply needed some adjustments. The grooms height has been altered to how he normal appears with his now wife when she isn't wearing those heels. Mum and dad who look fabulous either way have just had some adjustments as dad forgot to hold his stomach in (tut tut!) and mum should be made to look a little bit more glamorous then she already was.

Wedding Day Weather Manipulation
Enhance the brightness levels of your photographs, change the colour of sky, remove bright sunlight and more.

before after

Example note : this example image has been beautifully captured on a wonderful spring day and is only missing the sunshine. It visually leaves you feeling cold but has been corrected by colour balance adjustments, skin tones made warmer and a summer haze added around the edge of the image to finish.

You will not pay us anything if you are not pleased with our service!

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